The Truth about My Life


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Now, here is the truth. There are many people who constantly say that they are happy with what they do. There are many people who constantly say they are happy with where they are in life and where they have ended up in their lives. There are many people who wish they never would have changed a thing that happened to their lives, because they feel as though their life has gone through amazing times, and that they should not be stressing or concerning themselves with changing a few minute details in their life.

When I look back at my life, I can see plenty of times when I feel as though I should have changed some directions. For example, I named this website, because I felt very strongly about my come up and upbringing when it came to being a secretary at a desk. Let me tell you; it was a very, very annoying lifestyle to become a secretary. Even though I was able to enjoy reading my books while being at the desk and maintaining a steady paycheck, you can only do so much reading all day. The last thing you want to do is spend your time just reading your life away. I know many secretaries who do not get more than $70,000/year and are content with that, because they have been so used to the life they are living now. Their expenses are practically $100,000/year and some secretaries have expenses as high as $200,000/year! They spend more than three times what they are already making, so they may as well just spend their time at their job, because they will lose their house and their two cars if they were to lose it, and of course they do not want to sell them and downgrade their lifestyle to one they can afford!

My secretarial colleagues’ situation (above) are not mine.

The truth about my life is that I was very bored at just reading all day as a secretary and wasting my life away, so I decided to learn about business while I was there. If I did not educate my mind on what it meant to run a business, whether it was online or not, I would be subjecting myself to the same fate as those other secretaries who needed their job to survive. I would not let that happen to me, so I used my job as a platform to get myself financially independent. Every day I would spend my time reading books on what cashflow, investing, real estate, online business, how to start businesses with $100, and more. I was dedicated to getting myself out of the financial dependency stage I was in, because I always thought that I could imagine myself traveling the world and running my life on my own terms. The last thing I wanted to do was spend my time and life as a secretary and get remembered as a secretary. I preferred to be independent, so I read enough books to finally feel confident enough to take my first step….

This is my future. My secretarial colleagues are basically in debt chains around their ankles. I was working towards freedom, especially financial freedom. This (above) needs to be my reality.


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