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It is very ironic how we feel as though we are always right, only to find out when something crazy hits our life, and we really do not know what we are doing! We believe that we are the smartest people in the room, with all the answers, with all the knowledge to make all the best decisions in the world! We think that we are so smart, that only Albert Einstein would only be able to match us in our intellect! What we forget is that Albert Einstein was so smart, because he was humble enough to ask questions! He was humble enough to admit that he does not know everything, which is how he was able to always ask that next question, that next curious questions that allowed him to find out the speed of light and the theory of relativity. How would he have discovered those answers if he had said, “I am so smart. I already know all there is to know in the world!” His curiosity and humility made him known as one of the smartest, brightest, and most brilliant individuals in the 20th century!

Albert Einstein

The same thing applies to an amazing inventor, such as Thomas Edison. Last time we checked, he failed hundreds of times in his attempt to make the light bulb. As a result, he was able to patent many of the inventions he did create, causing him to be both wealthy and persistent. Thomas Edison was not so conceited as to say, “I am the smartest person on the planet, so there is no reason for me to go further! I have made many inventions and made much money! Why should I go further?” He continued to ask the right questions that eventually led to him to creating the light bulb, which we essentially take for granted in this day and age.

Thomas Edison

Similar to that, we should also thank Isaac Newton for many of his contributions to society. He is the one that was able to identify the law of gravity, which keeps you sitting in your chair. Even Isaac Newton was not so arrogant to say, “I have discovered the law of gravity all by myself! I am a genius!” He said the famous quote, “I stand on the shoulders of giants.” He was able to acknowledge that he was able to decipher the law of gravitational pull, because of the work  of previous scientists who laid missing pieces of the lock, to which Newton found the last piece and solved the equation.

Isaac Newton

Why does it seem like humble people are some of the most successful and are willing to acknowledge all the help they received instead of pretending like they are immune to help?

Some questions that need answers. You can check Wikipedia for more information on each of the special guests: Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton.


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