Here at, we want to make sure that we can get the most bang for a buck. We analyzed what it may take to give great website design to our websites and our clients. We have been in this business for a while and it is time to get a new website. We noticed an amazing person named Brad Campbell, who is very good for doing SEO and making websites amazing. We have been working with websites and know that it is eventually time to upgrade it. What worked well for us when we were in our infancy will eventually have to upgrade in order to compete in today’s market and today’s world. This does not mean that we will forget about our past and just leave it in the dust. It just means that we will choose to learn what it takes to get to the new level in this competitive marketplace, so we may continue to give value to every person that works with us! We have been working to see what it takes to rank for keywords like “best desk help” and “desk for Meg”.

Brad Campbell – A multiple multi-millionaire in reality

Upon listening to Brad rant on and on about tools, we caught a phrase that made life all the more easier for us to understand. He said that “tools should help you rank and profit, not keep you from doing so”. He then mentioned the importance of SEMrush, and how it will take us to another level. We decided to take him up on that offer to see if it would be good or not. If we want to get to the next level in this business, we will need to cut off the fat and get the materials and the hustle necessary to grow the business to something we want to see. We will want to make the extra call in order to grow it, and we will want to take the steps necessary to make the business and success.

Just improve or you could cry about it. Sound familiar?

By using these tools to analyze areas in the market where we can get a foothold and watch our competition, we will be able to learn what is necessary to get the results we want! Since we want to dominate for things relating to desks and things relating to “Meg”, then we will want to see what the competition is doing, so we can know what to do. We have learned everything we needed to from watching this person, and we can definitely say that we learned a lot, because he showed us:

  1. The tools that were available to get the results that we wanted.
  2. The features and benefits of each tool, so we could make an educated decision on which tool to pick.
  3. The pros and cons of each tool, based on his experience with the tools.
  4. His recommendation for the tool that he will actually use!

Overall, this is a very good review, and we will definitely look forward to working with Brad Campbell in the future. He is very good at giving great reviews.

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